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Shibori Mul Chanderi Fabrics

Sale priceRs. 2,475.00
Color:Dim Gray

Mul Chanderi fabrics, meticulously hand-crafted using the Shibori technique, creating a mesmerizing pattern that adds a unique and captivating element to your clothing collection. Each piece showcases beautiful patterns and stunning colors made by expertly using natural dyes.


  • Crafted in cotton chanderi fabric.
  • Perfect for creating flowing dresses, breezy tops or any other summer-inspired creations.
  • The fabrics are dyed using natural materials such as dried fruits, flowers and tree bark powders.
  • Each piece is 2.5m in length and 46" in width and the prices are for one piece of 2.5m length.
  • Available in 6 unique shades. 

Shibori is a traditional Japanese dyeing technique that involves creating intricate patterns on fabric through various methods such as folding, stitching, twisting, pleating, or binding.  

Natural dyes are incredible! They're colors made from things found in nature, like plants, bugs, and minerals. These have been in use for ages to make fabrics and materials look colorful and pretty. The best part is that they're eco-friendly, which means they don't hurt the environment. It's like using nature's own paint to add beautiful colors to our clothes and other stuff!

Shibori Mul Chanderi Fabrics
Shibori Mul Chanderi Fabrics Sale priceRs. 2,475.00